Range Design, Project Management and Compliance

Specialist Range HVAC / M&E

Range & Ballistic Fit-out Solutions

Simulation Solutions

Modular Live Fire Ranges & Blast Containment

Target Systems

Modular MOUT/Skills House, Special Operations & Performance Equipment

Operation & Maintenance

Training Mockups (Aircraft/ Maritime/ Transportation)

Technology Solution Integration

  • Range Design, Project Management and Compliance

    The ‘Nitor team’ bring together worldwide experience of designing and delivering advanced shooting range facilities and can provide ‘independent certification’ to ensure indoor/outdoor ranges are compliant with the requirements of JSP403 Volume 2 ‘Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Small Arms, Infantry Weapon Systems and Ranges’…www.gov.uk

  • Specialist Range HVAC / M&E

    The professional project management team from PING Engineering (S) Pte Ltd undertakes the contracts for all construction, services and support projects. Projects vary from range refurbishment to the construction and fit-out of major military or police training complexes and camps. Our services include the design and installation of ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting and all mechanical and electrical requirements to meet international health & safety standards.

  • Range & Ballistic Fit-out Solutions

    Working closely with Action Target Inc a US based international range company, Nitor can deliver range design consultancy and/or ballistic fitout solutions for specialised training facilities from outdoor/indoor ranges, CQB & MOUT, Aviation & Maritime Mock-ups to complex turnkey requirements. Nitor has the capability to design, fabricate, deliver and install bespoke facilities together with simulation and training solutions including Range Solutions, Simulation Solutions, Blast Design & Mitigation, Modular Live Fire Ranges & Blast Containment, Modular MOUT/Skills House, Special Operations & Performance Equipment & Operation & Maintenance.

  • Simulation Solutions

    Nitor support the VIPER range of live-fire etc supply, integrate and support the VIPER range of live-fire and laser-based fire-arms training simulators developed for marksmanship and judgemental skills training. VIPER creates a highly realistic training theatre using HD video and CGI images. VIPER laser-based training simulators support a range of less than lethal devices to include TASER® that can be used on the training system, enabling trainees to make decisions about the level of their response to the on-screen threat. We also offers users support with the creation of bespoke or secure content and conversion of small arms weapons for use with our training simulators.

  • Modular Live Fire Ranges & Blast Containment

    Cover Six Shelters specialise in the design, engineering and manufacturing of blast and ballistic-resistant modular buildings equipped with customized threat mitigation. CoverSix Shelters has a solution to keep personnel as well as equipment and electronics safe and secure.

  • Target Systems

    Militec founded in 1997, specialize in the design and manufacture of small arms target equipment to meet the training requirements of Military and Police forces worldwide, providing shooting range, CQB and small arms target equipment that can be readily deployed and easily maintained by personnel with the minimum of training. Robust construction and exacting build standards ensure that Militec equipment is able to survive harsh environments and rough handling

  • Modular MOUT/Skills House, Special Operations & Performance Equipment

    BeaverFit Ltd is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of SOC training equipment. to the world’s most influential corporations and elite military units.

  • Operation & Maintenance

    Nitor offer a comprehensive range maintenance service for all types of military and law enforcement outdoor and indoor ranges.

  • Training Mockups (Aircraft/ Maritime/ Transportation)

    NITOR specialises in the manufacture of ‘live and non-live’ aircraft, maritime and  other transportation based mock-ups featuring realistic interior and exterior features to provide assault teams a training environment where they can practice door-opening techniques and entry drills. Anti-ricochet seats and bullet protection systems provide a safe environment for trainees to shoot, with full ballistic containment of all rounds. We can also design and fabricate full-size train and vehicle mock-ups, ship side mock-ups, and other maritime training facilities.

  • Technology Solution Integration

    Nitor are well versed in the integration of ‘Technology Solutions’ that enhance the live fire training environment to include Range Management, Monitoring & Security, Tactical Engagement and After Action Review Systems.